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Philosophy and coaching

What do philosophy and coaching have in common?

What do philosophy and coaching have in common? A lot. Philosophy is at the source of everything, after all, including coaching.
wise leaders

Why We Need Wise Leaders More Than Ever

We need wise leaders more than ever. Intelligence only will not do to solve our problems and move us forward.
New adventure

New adventure, new business, new website, new newsletter!

A new adventure and a new business require a new website and a new newsletter. I hope you enjoy it!

Flow states – the more, the better?

Flow states, also known as optimal experiences, are enjoyable and essential for personal growth, but what are they exactly? And are they always desirable?

Arrival Fallacy: No, Happiness Isn’t Somewhere in the Future

Arrival fallacy or why we think happiness is always around the corner. It will not come to us after that promotion, marriage, or child is born; if it does, it will only be temporary.

Authenticity or living the life you are meant to live

Authenticity is one of my values, but what does it mean to be authentic and live an authentic life?

Multiplicity of Personality theory: How Many Selves Do You Have?

Multiplicity theory says that we all have different selves or personalities showing up in different situations. This is an asset.

I could be anybody, so I love everybody

I could be anybody, so I try to love everybody. Maybe love is too strong a word, but I do have a positive regard for all.

Existential Coaching: what is it?

Existential coaching is a coaching approach with depth that focuses on the big questions of life: death, uncertainty, anxiety and meaning.
Iker Urrutia. Coaching